Yorktown University

Graduate School Candidate Quiz

Take this Quiz to Find out if Graduate School at Yorktown University is for You!
A.  Which factor provides the greatest motivation for you to earn a postgraduate degree?
  I want to change the world and make a difference.
  I want to know more about the American Founding.
  I want to study under some of the best scholars in the U.S.
B.  Which of the following situations is more attractive to you?
  Conducting research and publishing your findings
  Assisting the next President of the United States make policy
  Publishing OpEds on important topics of the day
  Teaching at a private academy
C.  Which statement best describes you?
  My passion is to recover from the professors who taught me Economics.
  My passion is to understand what went wrong in Iraq.
  My passion is to master Supply-side Economics.
D.  Which subject interests you the most?
  Constitutional Law
  The philosophy of limited government of the Founders of the United States
  The role of Christianity in shaping Western Civilization
  Classical Economics of Adam Smith
  The history of political philosophy
E.  Which do you believe is greatest threat to American freedom?
  Islamic terrorism
  Concentrated power in the President of the United States
  Wars to make the world safe for Democracy

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